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Bikers are always looking for ways to be comfortable while cruising. Footboards have limited options for riding position leading to rider fatigue.

Boot Draggers™ were designed with rider comfort, and a low profile style in mind. Boot Draggers™ easily attach to existing footboards in minutes and allow the rider to stretch out. For those bikers who prefer clean lines and no highway bars, Boot Draggers™ are perfect for you. Alternatively, for the baggers and cruisers with highway bars, Boot Draggers™ gives you an alternate riding position.

You are also able to adjust the Boot Draggers™ along the footboard, so for some of us riders that can’t reach the highway bar, our pegs are the perfect solution. Don’’t wait, get your Boot Draggers™ today and get your feet up!

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The BadJack Machine concept started in 2012 in a garage in Austin, TX.

A lot of sweat went into the original prototypes using various materials that ended up with steel that formed the first set of handbuilt, functional Boot Draggers™.

All BadJack Machine products represent a passion of motorcycles and dedication to function and style. We hope you enjoy Boot Draggers™ and other BadJack products, as much as we enjoy building them.

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